Monday, April 25, 2011

Solutions for Kies Not Recognizing Samsung Galaxy S Problem

Samsung Kies does not recognize Galaxy S (with Android 2.1) even though the phone is properly connected to the PC. If your Android crashes while connecting, then this might not be a solution for you. If not here are some troubleshooting steps.

What Could Go Wrong?
  1. Your phone is not in "kies mode"
  2. Windows drive for your phone is not properly installed
  3. You are not running TWlauncher
  4. Kies errors/OS errors and what not


First check if you phone is in "Kies mode" when you connect it to the PC via USB.
  • Go to Settings > About Phone > USB Settings
  • Check if you have selected Kies or Ask every time option
If the above setting are in place, then check if you have installed the driver properly on your PC. You can reinstall the driver via Kies by going to Tools > Install driver.

The third reason could be that you are using some other launcher application than Samsung's stock laucher - TWlauncher. For me this was the problem. I was running Go Launcher Ex (it's a really cool app by the way) instead of the TWlauncher and Kies do not recognize the phone - no warnings, no error messages. After uninstalling Go Launcher Ex :(, everything is working perfectly now. If you know a way to keep Go Launcher Ex and connect to Kies, please let me know.

Finally if nothing works first try restarting Galaxy S and PC. If that also fail, try reinstalling kies


  1. Works for me, thanks my men your post was very helpfull

  2. Hello i use galaxy s i9000. My problem is when i connect my ph to kies it detect but when i get upgrade the connection is lost to kies. Error shown that kies wants to close. Plz help me out. Plz

  3. Friends,
    I also faced the same problem with Go Launcher. What I did was went to Settings -> Applications -> Manage Applications and selected Go Launcer Ex and scrolled down to click on Clear Defaults. Then I pressed the HOME key which asked me selection of Launcher and I selected TWLauncher. Then my Kies got connected. After done with the Kies job, set the Go Launcher again. Basically you dont need to Install and Uninstall Go Launcher everytime.

  4. Vikas G's solution worked for me too. GO Launcher also drains your battery big time btw. It eats into your memory..but alas, the apps it comes with and their functions are too cool to resist. It's like being habituated to smoking =( don't want to live with it, can't live without it, end of the day it's only a matter of choice =P

  5. Actually u dun nid to uninstall go launcher... press menu button from home screen... find the setting for go launcher.. select exit>OK. Den press home button to prompt launcher selections.. select TWlauncher.. becos this way remove the default set for go launcher.. I always do that way... no need to uninstall -)

  6. There is no option of USB setting in my 'about phone' what i should do.. Anyone plz

  7. Do you have anything called "Wireless and Network"? In there you might find "USB Settings".

    I'm using the firmware version 2.3.3.

    1. Thank you Mr D. you helped me to solve the problem.

    2. Thank you! This helped me too!

  8. Switching launcher worked for me. Was using ADW, switched back to TWlauncher and kies started working.

  9. install go launcher it´s worked

  10. just download a home switcher app, that way you don't have to do what vikas g said as that takes longer when you could just load the home switcher and click tw launcher, do what you want to do on kies then go on the home switcher app again and switch it back to whatever your launcher is. Sooo much quicker :) Kies works properly this way as well :D

  11. I was having problem with Kies not recognizing my phone since day one. Tried many things but still the same. Until I figured out there was a setting in my laptop bios to enable USB Debug mode. After that everything works like a charm. Looks like both the device and computer need to be set USB debug mode.


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